About the Programme

4 Years Full-time B.Tech

Bachelor of Technology in Artificial Intelligence is an advanced learning undergraduate course which is rendered in the Engineering career field. The course has time span of 4 years. This course involves practical learning about the working of complex mechanism of different devices using several softwares, sensors and also learning the algorithms interpreted by human intelligence into a machine. It gives you in-depth knowledge of AI and its usage.

Artificial Intelligence is all about enabling a computing device to automatically learn and improve its working based on past errors. AI enables the decision making capabilities of a device. It also prevents fraudulent activities by building a system with five layers acting as a safety wall which makes it a reliable system.

The students will get complete information about the machine and its working also how you can interact with a machine without any difficulty using technical languages including JAVA, Python, Prolog, Lisp, and R programming. These are some common languages used for interacting with machines included in the B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence program.

Why Artificial Intelligence ?

  • Artificial Intelligence is becoming very important with the upgrading technology. It enables understanding, planning, communication, reasoning and other things to be understood by software.
  • There is a highly increasing demand for trained professionals who know programming and automatic machines. AI lets the data automatically perform the programming tasks without the help of any manual commands or a human invention. It allows the machine to adjust to the change in the programming with the various training methods and add the new data for proper function.
  • After completing the AI course, a candidate can earn a very handsome amount as starting salary. It can vary between Rs.10 Lac to Rs.15 Lac per annum.
  • AI opens new career opportunities in different business sectors. You can pursue Research and Algorithm of the machine, Computer Vision Engineering, Analyzing the Architecture of Big Data Sources, Programming in Robotics and Video Games, and several others.
  • In the coming years, AI will be one of the major sectors to provide maximum contribution to the Global Economy which will automatically boost up the overall GDP.

AI, the Game Changing Version of Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the ability to change the world

Career Path after the course

Research and Algorithm Engineer

Big Data Architect

Business Intelligence Developer

Software Engineer

Computer Vision Engineer

ML Engineer

Robotics Programmer

Video Game Programmer

Eligibility Criteria

The Candidate should have passed 10+2 or equivalent educational qualification from the Science stream with the compulsory subjects Physics and Mathematics along with any other optional subject with minimum 50% aggregate marks.