About the Programme

3 Years Full-time B.Sc Forensic Science

B.Sc Forensic Science provides scientific knowledge specialized for collecting, finding, recording evidence, or investigating crimes. The duration of the course is 3 years. Forensic science enables a student to grab the complete scientific knowledge in order to use it practically in analyzing the crime scene evidence.

This course aims at providing knowledge about testing different types of evidence such as testing soil, bloodstains, different body fluids, DNA profiling, saliva, fingerprints, bones which are involved in the course study. Apart from medically testing the evidence, the course study also includes knowledge about recovering data from locked computers, tracing, researching new technologies.

The students will get the advanced knowledge to collect the clues from the crime scene and convert them into the lead or evidence that helps in solving the case or can be presented in court during the trials. The course offers job opportunities in several profiles including Forensic Labs, CBI, Central Forensic Labs, Academic Institutes, and many other places.

Why B.Sc Forensic Science ?

  • The demand for professionals with expert knowledge in incident scene investigation, collection of evidence, laboratory analysis, or testimony is increasing day by day. So this course will open doors to a highly remunerative career.
  • The course aims at providing job opportunities in different profiles including Linguists profile, Scientists, Chemists, Investigating officers, Fingerprint testing, Risk Analysis, and several other profiles.
  • The student with the required skill set can be offered an average starting salary package of Rs.3 Lac to Rs.7 Lac.
  • After completing the B.Sc course, a candidate can work in both Government and Private sectors

Forensic Science is the Past Resolver

Be a Forensic Science expert and Predict the Past

Career Path After B.Sc Forensic Science

Forensic Expert

Investigative Officers

Law Consultant

Data Scientist

Forensic Linguists

Forensic Engineer

Forensic Chemists

Forensic Anthropologist

Forensic Chemists

Crime Scene Investigator

Forensic Scientist

Crime Reporter

Handwriting Expert

Fingerprint Expert

Forensic Pathologists

Eligibility Criteria

The Candidate has to qualify for an entrance test AIFSET 2021 to be eligible for pursuing B.Sc in Forensic Science. The candidate can appear for the test if passed 10+2 or equivalent educational qualification from the Science stream along with any other optional subject with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks.